Sunday, June 28, 2009

Being a Month Old

Dear All,
We walked along, steadily and slowly and completed a successful month. The first month was overwhelming. Friends and Colleagues have played an important role for us. Without their help things would not have been as good as they are.
To share the experience of first month with all you lovely people, we are working over 8 projects which are mainly into website designing and development, website redesigning, content development and development of some modules using ASP .Net, Ajax, MS SQL, My SQL and XML. All these Projects are from the Clients in the USA. Along with the development work, we are also providing Project Management consultation to 2 companies in India as well as in USA .
In the short span, we provided quality deliverables to the Clients within the specified timelines and have earned the reliance.
Kudos to all the patrons.
By the time, we blog again, wish you all the best and have a good time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What are we doing...

You would be happy to know that past few days were busy for us.
We were occupied with redesigning of some websites. This majorly included addition of Web 2.0 features to the existing website and also making them Dynamic, as Us.
We are also developing a Social Networking Website. Wait for few days and the demo shall be available over our website.
And we are also playing with Dot Net and AJAX. Adding some functionalities to existing applications.
We have some projects in pipeline and they will be using Java and PHP technologies.
Apart from above tasks we are also providing Project Management Consultation to few Organizations.
This is all for now.
Take Good care of yourself and we shall meet soon to share the updates.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What are we doing...

Our well wishers ask us: what are we doing...
Web 2.0 is something that we are working on right now... and to share the status with all you lovely people, isn't blog the best medium.
This is just like implementing the learning... learn and implement... this is required to keep a pace with fast moving world.
We've got a few assignments for redesigning the websites and our eminent designers are working over those... With a commitment to serve more than expected, we delivered successful POCs.
Along with it, we are working on the website content and will soon come up with a new layout, design and added content. We are also designing a Brochure, which will contain the information of the services provided by us.
Down the line, we have two products in the conceptual phase, which we shall start working on, from July.
As of now, we found Social Networking as the hottest thing and we are trying to be a part of it. Orkut, Facebook, RSS, Feeds, Twitter, Linked In, Blogs, Wikis... phew... there is still a lot to explore and implement... But you keep trust and pace with us and we will do the best.
We shall be updating the status over here and request you to subscribe to the feeds.
By the time we come back... have a good time. Bye...