Friday, February 26, 2010

From the Desk of Manager - Operations


What is difficult for some people is not difficult for others and the difference is in their attitude. Everything is possible when you believe in yourself and when you have a burning desire and a stubborn and persistent attitude to succeed”.

I found it justified with the person who dared to dream and took it as a challenge to fulfill it. I am witness to this as I am associated with RaChiT since it was conceptualized. We commenced with a confined set of Software Solutions and now we deal with overall IT solutions.

It’s a pleasure to write something for our Company and today I am penning down my experiences. I am associated with RaChiT as Manager - Operations.

Let me give a brief overview about the Organization so as to share what we are apportioning with. RaChiT stands with four verticals viz. Consultation, Product Engineering, Application Development and BPO.

Achieving the Goals requires that Investment be financed appropriately. We are implementing our assets in order to generate the revenue as the assets involve the Investment and we are allocating the resources between competing opportunities in a process of capital budgeting.

The Resources are well managed in the Business in order to achieve the better results in the form of goods and services. We are promising to our customers as we take care of their requirements as well. Our Value added activities like Quality Assurance and Post delivery maintenance and support is aligned with the market opportunity as a result it helps in enhancing the Optimal Enterprise Performance.

If I share the experience at RaChiT I got a handful opportunity to place my ideas in parlance with whatever I learnt, we as a team walk with a temperament to deliver our dedication towards assigned work.

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts”.
RaChiT has become like a family for us where we not only do our jobs but we even have celebrations too... :) We had the first team party at Rajashahi Palace or I shall address it as the Introductory party, after that we celebrated the Republic Day with zeal, the occasion also turned out to be a welcome party for the BPO employees...

The Company is now Incorporated and this can be a celebrating time… :) , as this celebration can be the upcoming major event for which we all are eagerly waiting for...I’ll come back to articulate some more happenings and success stories... The feedback and comments of the readers are invited… :)


Ashlesha Sharma

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25th 2010

Hello All!

The Date Feb 25th has chartered a special place in the journey of RaChiT. Let me address it as the first milestone and with the Incorporation today RaChiT has grown bit more mature. And the day did not end here...

From the Engineering department a major application has been delivered today and we expect the students of US Universities shall be using the same for studies and examination preparations.

Another good news is signing of contracts for another 2 processes for Team BPO. Along with Canada, we shall be now dealing with US and Australia too.

We shall be of-course celebrating these with the second Team Party on Sunday, February 28. This time this shall be a full-day outing to some outskirt.

March shall be occupying, crucial and we are enthusiastic about it.
Team Legal, HR and Operation shall be engaged in post incorporation and licensing procedures.
Team Engineering shall be occupied with existing projects and yet few are in pipeline.
Team BPO shall be undergoing training for another two processes.
We are well prepared for these assignments and have three strong shoulders to take care of each of these. Shall introduce my Team soon.

By then, wish all the patrons a very good time ahead.

Ravi Baid

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Right from the Director's Desk

I am pleased to take this opportunity for the first time to pen down something on the behalf of our company.
It should not take long for you to notice through our success stories as been discussed largely by Mr. Ravi Baid and Ms. Richa Mangal in their respective blogs quoted below that we are at the verge of gaining profits by realizing our objectives and in the process of establishing benchmarks. Challenging campaigns have been planned in the areas of testing and evaluation of ongoing processes of the company.

From the bottom of my heart I just want to thank each and every associate of this organization for putting in their best efforts since we have made rapid strides in various BPO, Consultation, Products and Projects. I have reasons to be pleased about the improvement and efforts made for expansion of our company during last 2 months.

I look forward to an upheld performance because our current major mission is to excel in each area where we are finding some glitches...
Here is a time to celebrate because we are now moving towards our incorporation.
Hence sky is not the limit... we’ll definitely going to reap what we are sowing these days no matter after some time.

I’ll soon come back with some more lucrative ideas and ongoing processes.
Till then wish us the best!

Niviya Baid

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What are we doing...

Dear All,

While working a few years back, an experienced colleague shared a thought with me, which was as: Set a target, Achieve it and push it further. I accepted it and made it a commandment for myself. This commandment brought a series of milestones for me.

Inception of RaChiT was a dream for me. This dream came true and dreaming became a habit of mine. By the blessings of Almighty the dreams kept turning into reality.

I began this episode solely and new characters kept embarking. These characters induced the progression and today we stand here as a Company. This is another milestone for us.

Today when we write Private Limited next to RaChiT Software Solutions, it gives us pride and feels fulfilling.

Our Team not only possesses expertise into Consultation, Products and Projects today but we stand firmly with our newly added BPO vertical.

We have started working 24 * 365 and with a motto that if one of us is restless, two will stand up to take his place. The Development Team works for the day and the BPO Team works for the Night. And I appreciate all of my Associates, because these guys don't want to go back home. I've got a team of workaholics.

For all of my Associates, I have maintained the same three rules of No Hesitation, No Burden and No Boundation. And my Operations and HR team helps me to restrain them.

Towards our Social responsibility, we help Students to earn working knowledge on Weekends. And moving ahead, we work to get foreign currency in India.

Quality and Value-Addition are still our primary goals for each and every deliverable.

Moving to an Office and getting equipped with all necessities has been another recent milestone.

Let me conclude this for now. Team BPO has invited me for Dinner.
Shall try to come back soon and share the developments.
Till then, Best Wishes for all of you.


Friday, February 5, 2010

My Experience...

· All You Well wishers of RaChiT Family


Let me introduce myself... I am here as an HR Executive.. Big opportunity for me to get into a desired job right away... after successful completion of my education.

The first day I entered the office, I found a wave of positivity prevailing all around.
Definitely an urge of expanding and a passion to excel.
Being a fresher and trying to find my space given to me... Day by day I am learning through the contributions I made to my company as well as my mistakes.

After a month, I found myself acquainted with lots of knowledge and a sense of responsibility to uphold any kind of assignment ... For me things are changing day by day. The best part is I am dwelling in a family where we never feel like going back home. Although no one ever insisted us to stay back rather wishes us to go back timely.

As I said, it became a second home for all of us. The main reason is our attachment with this family and also because of three liberties given to us as- No Hesitation, No Boundation and No Burden J

During this tenure, we celebrated and had a gala time outdoor with our whole team… Be it an anniversary of any employee or our achievement. Together we work and together we celebrate

each tiny-miny event… I can’t forget those cherishable moments ever in my life.

Clubbing all my moments, I wish to have a long term association with this Organization and plant in my ideas as much as possible.
I strongly believe that the sequence of events in your life is governed by the choices u make... That too with utmost clarity in your mind.. I think all of us made a "Conscious Choice" :) and these choices intersected here.
My view to this family is under a sphere of uncertainty... As I can watch our business budding by leaps and bounds :) Since one month our one room office has grown up to a well equipped 6 rooms office… from 5 associates to 25 associates.. from one software development to an overall software solutions.. Off course we are also touching heights along with our company.. And this process will still go on and on..

I look forward to make this company not only popular but populated with valuable ideas.. Because what's right isn't always popular... and what's popular isn't always right.'

I’ill be back with more experiences very soon…

Waiting for your comments about my words..
Stay happy !!

~ Richa Mangal