Friday, February 5, 2010

My Experience...

· All You Well wishers of RaChiT Family


Let me introduce myself... I am here as an HR Executive.. Big opportunity for me to get into a desired job right away... after successful completion of my education.

The first day I entered the office, I found a wave of positivity prevailing all around.
Definitely an urge of expanding and a passion to excel.
Being a fresher and trying to find my space given to me... Day by day I am learning through the contributions I made to my company as well as my mistakes.

After a month, I found myself acquainted with lots of knowledge and a sense of responsibility to uphold any kind of assignment ... For me things are changing day by day. The best part is I am dwelling in a family where we never feel like going back home. Although no one ever insisted us to stay back rather wishes us to go back timely.

As I said, it became a second home for all of us. The main reason is our attachment with this family and also because of three liberties given to us as- No Hesitation, No Boundation and No Burden J

During this tenure, we celebrated and had a gala time outdoor with our whole team… Be it an anniversary of any employee or our achievement. Together we work and together we celebrate

each tiny-miny event… I can’t forget those cherishable moments ever in my life.

Clubbing all my moments, I wish to have a long term association with this Organization and plant in my ideas as much as possible.
I strongly believe that the sequence of events in your life is governed by the choices u make... That too with utmost clarity in your mind.. I think all of us made a "Conscious Choice" :) and these choices intersected here.
My view to this family is under a sphere of uncertainty... As I can watch our business budding by leaps and bounds :) Since one month our one room office has grown up to a well equipped 6 rooms office… from 5 associates to 25 associates.. from one software development to an overall software solutions.. Off course we are also touching heights along with our company.. And this process will still go on and on..

I look forward to make this company not only popular but populated with valuable ideas.. Because what's right isn't always popular... and what's popular isn't always right.'

I’ill be back with more experiences very soon…

Waiting for your comments about my words..
Stay happy !!

~ Richa Mangal

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