Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What are we doing...

Dear All,

While working a few years back, an experienced colleague shared a thought with me, which was as: Set a target, Achieve it and push it further. I accepted it and made it a commandment for myself. This commandment brought a series of milestones for me.

Inception of RaChiT was a dream for me. This dream came true and dreaming became a habit of mine. By the blessings of Almighty the dreams kept turning into reality.

I began this episode solely and new characters kept embarking. These characters induced the progression and today we stand here as a Company. This is another milestone for us.

Today when we write Private Limited next to RaChiT Software Solutions, it gives us pride and feels fulfilling.

Our Team not only possesses expertise into Consultation, Products and Projects today but we stand firmly with our newly added BPO vertical.

We have started working 24 * 365 and with a motto that if one of us is restless, two will stand up to take his place. The Development Team works for the day and the BPO Team works for the Night. And I appreciate all of my Associates, because these guys don't want to go back home. I've got a team of workaholics.

For all of my Associates, I have maintained the same three rules of No Hesitation, No Burden and No Boundation. And my Operations and HR team helps me to restrain them.

Towards our Social responsibility, we help Students to earn working knowledge on Weekends. And moving ahead, we work to get foreign currency in India.

Quality and Value-Addition are still our primary goals for each and every deliverable.

Moving to an Office and getting equipped with all necessities has been another recent milestone.

Let me conclude this for now. Team BPO has invited me for Dinner.
Shall try to come back soon and share the developments.
Till then, Best Wishes for all of you.


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  1. My (ZULU...) Experience:-

    I am Feel!ng very happy in the RaChiT Software Solution when i am there at the office & we all (Me, Shirrish, Amul, Sanjay, Shreeyas, Satish & Chaitanya S!r-ji) & also Ravi Sir & TulsiRam-jiAre aRE.. live as a FamilY Member there .I want to share the most happiest time with "u" At 12.30 P.M we all feels soo much hungry & then all are open the!R tiffinzz & see (KOON KYA-KYA LAYA HEY!).After that we all with RAVI SIR (DiRctor of the RaChiT Software Solutions)also join us to take the food & Ravi Sir share their jokes & good/Motivational thoughts with all of Us& from us We all share our thoughts with all of our friend;zz & sir also.. It is BONZeR...{Gr8!}then we make TEA for all of us but Before that 2 COFFEE for the CHAITANYA SIR & RAVI SIR also & then Enjoy (CHA! KI CHUSSKI ) with all of our freinDzz & RaChiT;s Family MEMBERZZ.. & at the last movement at the LOG-OUT of our working tiem. We all enjoy the ENGLISH MOVIES with all of our friendzz & CHAITNAY S!r..& learn the AUSTRALIAN ACCENT & then get from that HOW TO PRONAUNCIATE THE (Aussie..)AUATRALIAN WORDS !!..Then after that discuss about the present day that what we learn today .We leave the office at 4.00 at earkly in the MORNING. We all meet at GATE(Ahinnsa Dwaar) & then Greetingzz each-other & say GOOOD-NIGHT; Thank;zz for your valuable time , HaV a NICE WEEKEND/ D@Y. - all reallise that from long time we really enjoy the NIGHT duty work at BPO it;z really not a BOORING job as a {Execut!ve....}..Now i want to HEARTLY THANK;ZZZ 2 Ravi Sir that he give a change to {DO THE NEW- & GROW UP ONCE AGAIN} us all the facilities , no boundation & frEedom to live & share our thought;ss to each other...Let me conclude this for now.Shall try to come back soon.Till then wish us ALL !ZZ.. WELL! Tack- Care ....

    I’ill be back with more experiences very soon…

    Waiting for your comments about my words..