Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Right from the Director's Desk

I am pleased to take this opportunity for the first time to pen down something on the behalf of our company.
It should not take long for you to notice through our success stories as been discussed largely by Mr. Ravi Baid and Ms. Richa Mangal in their respective blogs quoted below that we are at the verge of gaining profits by realizing our objectives and in the process of establishing benchmarks. Challenging campaigns have been planned in the areas of testing and evaluation of ongoing processes of the company.

From the bottom of my heart I just want to thank each and every associate of this organization for putting in their best efforts since we have made rapid strides in various areas...like BPO, Consultation, Products and Projects. I have reasons to be pleased about the improvement and efforts made for expansion of our company during last 2 months.

I look forward to an upheld performance because our current major mission is to excel in each area where we are finding some glitches...
Here is a time to celebrate because we are now moving towards our incorporation.
Hence sky is not the limit... we’ll definitely going to reap what we are sowing these days no matter after some time.

I’ll soon come back with some more lucrative ideas and ongoing processes.
Till then wish us the best!

Niviya Baid

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